Collettivo Cinetico | Ferrara

Collettivo Cinetico | Ferrara

10 miniballetti

direction, choreography, performer: Francesca Pennini
dramaturgy, light design: Angelo Pedroni
assistance: Carmine Parise

premiere: La Vie dei Festival, Roma, 2015
duration: 47’

production: Collettivo Cinetico, Le Vie dei Festival
artistic residence: Teatro Comunale di Ferrara, L'Arboreto Teatro Dimora di Mondaino, AMAT, TIR Danza

kineticki kolektiv

Currents and storms, air fans and drones, birds and gran-jetés become allegories of the relationship between choreography and dance in an investigation that bounces from the repetition to improvisation, from writing to interpretation. Score of this exploration is a notebook from the childhood of Francesca Pennini, where she wrote dozen of choreographies, invented but never performed. A time machine for an impossible archeology that is now declined on the stage in a series of outlandish possibilities. The body is tested borrowing the principles of thermodynamics, going from the plasticity of gymnastics to evanescence of inertia. Among contortions and asphyxiating efforts is triggered a respiratory exchange that mixes the volumes between body and space, audience and stage in a suspended and floating geography.

Francesca Pennini starts off as a gymnast and then devoted herself to contemporary dance. She studied at Balletto di Toscana, Laban Centre in London and she explored a broad range of disciplines: from butoh to free diving, from martial arts to disco-dance competitions. She worked as a freelance dancer for Sasha Waltz & Guests. In 2007 she founds the company Collettivo Cinetico as a flexible net of artists: more than 50 members from different disciplines focusing on movement and keeping the structure of the company itself in constant dynamic. Her work crosses genders and codes reformatting the rules of the performative event, challenging the relationship with the spectator, meeting different kinds of bodies and spaces with a rigorous yet ironic approach. She gives lectures and seminars in museums and arts centers (Biennale College Danza in Venice, MAXXI Museum in Rome...) and she developed devices and didactic methodologies for a peculiar choreographic approach also with non professionals. Until now she created 37 pieces as choreographer of the company, receiving many important awards.

Collettivo Cinetico is an experimental performing group founded in 2007 by choreographer Francesca Pennini, in collaboration with the dramaturgist Angelo Pedroni and more than 70 artists from different disciplines. Their research focuses on the nature of the performance event discussing its mechanisms with ludic and rigorous formats, in the interstices between dance, theater and visual arts. The company is resident at the Teatro Comunale of Ferrara and since now, they have created 37 works receiving many awards, such as Giovani Danz’Autori Prize (2008), Rete Critica Award as best Italian artist (2014), Jurislav Korenić Award for best young theatre director (2014), Danza & Danza Prize for best choreographer and interpreter (2015), MESS Prize at Birmingham Festival (2016), Hystrio Iceberg Award (2016)...

The perfect key is here in clarity of intent that is not frozen in the pure experimental need, but grabs the spectators and pulls them inside, baring the movement and leaving visible the only necessary bone: the one that covers the heart.
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